30 Day Writing Challenge

  1. Day One- Five Things wrong with Social Media
  2. Day Two- Earliest Memory
  3. Day Three- First Love/First Kiss
  4. Day Four- 10 Interesting facts about me
  5. Day Five- Somewhere I would live I haven’t been too
  6. Day Six- Someone who fascinates me
  7. Day Seven- My tattoos and what they mean to me
  8. Day Eight- A book I loved, and one I didn’t
  9. Day Nine- My thoughts on ageism
  10. Day Ten- A fruit I dislike
  11. Day Eleven- My Relationship Status
  12. Day Twelve- Two words/phrases that make me laugh
  13. Day Thirteen- My commute to work
  14. Day Fourteen- My life in 7 years
  15. Day Fifteen- Three pet peeves
  16. Day Sixteen- My Day
  17. Day Seventeen- A quote I try to live by
  18. Day Eighteen- Favorite Color
  19. Day Nineteen- Five Fears
  20. Day Twenty- Music
  21. Day Twenty One- Zodiac Sign
  22. Day Twenty Two- My Morning Routine
  23. Day Twenty Three- A family member I dislike
  24. Day Twenty Four- Something I miss
  25. Day Twenty Five- 4 weird traits
  26. Day Twenty Six- Things I say to an ex
  27. Day Twenty Seven- What I wrote today
  28. Day Twenty Eight- A phrase I say a lot
  29. Day Twenty Nine- The night of my 21st birthday
  30. Day Thirty- Something I am excited about