30 Day Star Wars Blogging Challenge


Let me first say this…Han shot first on this point there can be no debate.

  1. Day One- All Time Favorite Character
  2. Day Two- Favorite Member of the Rebellion
  3. Day Three- Favorite Member of the Empire
  4. Day Four- Favorite Jedi
  5. Day Five- Favorite Droid
  6. Day Six- Favorite Ship
  7. Day Seven- Favorite Sith
  8. Day Eight- Favorite Original Trilogy Movie
  9. Day Nine- Favorite Prequel Trilogy Movie
  10. Day Ten- Favorite Star Wars Picture
  11. Day Eleven- Favorite Battle
  12. Day Twelve- Favorite Scene
  13. Day Thirteen- Favorite Quote
  14. Day Fourteen- A scene that makes me happy
  15. Day Fifteen- A scene that makes me sad/angry
  16. Day Sixteen- Photos of my Star Wars Stuff
  17. Day Seventeen- Favorite The Phantom Menace moment
  18. Day Eighteen- Favorite Attack of the Clones moment
  19. Day Nineteen- Favorite Revenge of the Sith moment
  20. Day Twenty- Favorite A New Hope moment
  21. Day Twenty One- Favorite The Empire Strikes Back moment
  22. Day Twenty Two- Favorite Return of the Jedi moment
  23. Day Twenty Three- Something I wish was different
  24. Day Twenty Four- A character I dislike
  25. Day Twenty Five- Favorite EU book
  26. Day Twenty Six- Favorite Obi-Wan Kenobi quote
  27. Day Twenty Seven- Favorite Yoda quote
  28. Day Twenty Eight- Favorite Darth Vader Quote
  29. Day Twenty Nine- My Favorite Star Wars Memory
  30. Day Thirty- Why I love Star Wars