Hi. I am Josh…Just Josh…. I reside in suburban Detroit. Which means I support all things Detroit, and of course Detroit sports teams…Detroit gets a bum rap and I don’t think there are many people who talk up the good things about it. Of the good let me talk about the Riverfront area of the city that has been improved greatly over the last decade or so. Finally the city is showcasing one of his biggest assets and my family and I love to go there to; ride bikes, look at the ships, get a bite to eat, and basically hangout.


I am a writer. I have written for just about every sports related website one can think of. I covered sports for something like 10 years. Eventually I got burned out on it all and most of that is due to the incompetence of my Detroit Lions. It is tough on the soul to be a Lions fan but I just can’t bring myself to root for any other team. Year after year I would write the same stories over and over and nothing would change. I also got to a point in my writing career where there were other stories I wanted to tell.

Which leaves me somewhere in the middle of my transition from sports analyst and author. I have one book for sale on Amazon, two more written one of which was rejected for publication. The other is around 90% done and is currently being read by ghost readers before I hire an editor and begin the finishing process.

On this blog I write about whatever happens to jump into my mind. Or whatever fun blogging challenge I find for the things I am doing or am passionate about.

As you can probably tell from the title of this…I am a weird guy. Writers kind of have to be weird for a whole bunch of reasons but mostly because alcohol fuels so much of the creative process for us as a group. If you like what I write about here is a bunch of links so you can read my other stuff…

My first Kindle Poetry Collection

My Live Journal

Like and Follow my Facebook writers page



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