Hi. I am known as Joshua Lobdell…maybe a few other things…not suitable for print. I reside in suburban Detroit. Which means I support all things Detroit, and of course Detroit sports teams…not including the Detroit Pistons because one they have been irrelevant for a long time and two are not really from Detroit.  Auburn Hills is something like an hour north of Detroit proper and if you live where I do that means you have to fight traffic all the way Downtown before heading out that way.


I am a writer. I have written for just about every sports related website one can think of. I covered sports for something like 8 years. Eventually I got burned out on it all and most of that is due to the incompetence of the Detroit Lions. Year after year I would write the same stories over and over and nothing would change. I also got to a point in my writing career where there were other stories I wanted to tell.

Which leaves me somewhere in the middle of my transition from sports analyst and author. I have one book for sale on Amazon, two more written one of which was rejected for publication. The other is around 90% done and is currently being read by ghost readers before I hire an editor and begin the finishing process.

On this blog I write about whatever happened to jump into my mind. We do talk abut pro wrestling and the WWE universe on Wednesdays. I will debut a new weekly column on Tuesdays to be known as why Detroit is awesome. Other than that whatever I feel like using my words on will be what shows up here.

As you can probably tell from the title of this…I am a weird guy. Writers kind of have to be weird for a whole bunch of reasons but mostly because alcohol fuels so much of the creative process for us as a group. If you like what I write about here is a bunch of links so you can read my other stuff…

My first Kindle Poetry Collection

My Live Journal

Where I write about Detroit Sports

My Facebook

Find me on twitter @josh_lobdell

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