My Favorite Detroit Lions-QB Charlie Batch

I have been a fan of the Detroit Lions since 1989. That is about a lifetime and to be fair they have brought a lot of sadness and misery into my life. If pain makes one strong then Detroit Lions fans are among the strongest fans in the universe. However, when I think about my favorite sports moments a lot of good Lions memories are there. I am from Detroit, my kid was born in Detroit and I rep my city and its teams. That means I bleed silver and Honolulu blue. While I think that they are on the right track now that has not always been the case. Even though I wanted to do a top 25 list to be very honest the Matt “The Idiot” Millen years make that near impossible. With that in mind here are my twenty favorite Detroit Lions players from my 28 years of Lion fandom.

With that being said:

Charlie Batch runs with the ball

#18-QB #10 Charlie Batch

Let’s be real honest here. Charlie Batch was a very good backup Quarterback. However he got to be a starter here in Detroit because…well because Barry Sanders quit.

It was a weird time for the Detroit Lions. Wayne Fontes was finally fired and Bobby Ross was brought in and changed up the offense. This never sat well with Barry and a lot of his guys were allowed to leave. Ross wanted to run a power running game that he did not have the personnel for. That led to losing and frustration till Barry had had enough. Charlie Batch was given the reigns in part because he could play that hybrid QB/RB style to help the slumping running game and keep defenses off-balance.

That was a pretty good idea in theory however Batch was oft-injured and did not start all 16 games in the three years in was the Lions starting QB. It is the 2000 season I want to focus on here. Batch would have his lowest completion percentage that year but pass for the most yards. He would lead the Lions to the final game of the season where he would suffer another injury and the Lions would lose that game on a last-minute field goal. That would be the final straw for this era of the Lions. That off-season Matt “The Idiot” Millen would be brought in and he began his reign of destruction on the Lions roster and started personal beefs with more than a few players. Batch was one of them, and although he would start the 2001 season as the starter his days were numbered in Detroit.

In a little more than three seasons Batch passed for over 9,000 yards, completed 56 percent of his passes and have an overall record of 19-27. Those are not great numbers but given the fact that Batch was thought of as an underdog, and that he attended Eastern Michigan made him a fan favorite in Detroit.

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