Star Wars Expanded Universe: Legacy of the Force #3 Tempest

A few notes before we begin:

Tempest is the third book in the Legacy of the Force series and the 26th book published by Del Rey after they took over the publishing of Star Wars books prior to the New Jedi Order series.

This edition was written by Troy Denning. That is important because not only was he a much celebrated author of the old Expanded Universe but because he wrote the Dark Nest Trilogy where he sets up Jacen Solo’s eventual fall to the dark side.


The best thing about this book is how we see the Skywalker-Solo clan ripped apart by the goings on on the Star Wars universe. We see Luke get into a pretty animated argument with Han, Mara Jade and Leia unable to keep those waters calm. We also see the new generation of Jedi (in the case Jacen and Ben Skywalker) battle Luke and Mara Jade. The clan that has kept peace sort of and been at the heart of solving numerous Galactic conflicts is being ripped apart at the seams.

Jacen seems to be done debating the merits of becoming a Sith Lord and taken the first few steps towards becoming his Grandfather. We also see him diluting himself that he is making a different choice than that of Darth Vader. He is not doing it for his love of Tenel Ka. However, it seems that we can argue that he is doing this to help provide his daughter, Alana, with a more safe and secure galaxy.

The political subplot sees the new Corellian government setting up a coup in the Hapes Consortium. Once Jacen hears that his lover and daughter have been threatened he heads to Hapes with Ben in his new Star Destroyer named for his deceased little brother Anakin.

The Corellians set up Han and Leia for an assassination attempt and once Jacen hears that they might be involved he issues warrants for their arrests. This leads to the inexperienced and heavily influenced Ben to try to arrest his Uncle Han at the most inappropriate time. In the end Jacen makes the choice to fire on a ship he knows contains his sister, his parents, and Ben. It is an holy crap moment and cements the fact that Jacen will soon become a Dark Lord of the Sith.

This books also sees the return of Jagged Fel. He is a great character and even though he has been humbled a lot by the fallout from the events in the Dark Nest Trilogy he is still doing typical Jag things. I love the Jag character and his relationship with Jaina Solo.

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