My Favorite Detroit Lions-OT Lomas Brown

I have been a fan of the Detroit Lions since 1989. That is about a lifetime and to be fair they have brought a lot of sadness and misery into my life. If pain makes one strong then Detroit Lions fans are among the strongest fans in the universe. However, when I think about my favorite sports moments a lot of good Lions memories are there. I am from Detroit, my kid was born in Detroit and I rep my city and its teams. That means I bleed silver and Honolulu blue. While I think that they are on the right track now that has not always been the case. Even though I wanted to do a top 25 list to be very honest the Matt “The Idiot” Millen years make that near impossible. With that in mind here are my twenty favorite Detroit Lions players from my 28 years of Lion fandom.

With that being said:


#19-OT Lomas Brown #75

Since there is no doubt RB Barry Sanders will wind up near or at the top of this list we have to include the guys who opened up the holes for him. Lomas Brown was a key piece of the offensive line and one of the nicest guys ever to go to war on the football field.

Brown was a first round pick in the 1985 NFL Draft, which is way before my time but he and Kevin Glover where the big men who opened up the small holes for Sanders to work his magic. It is a crime there are no stats for O linemen but what we can say is Brown was a premier Left Tackle who played on a very consistent basis. For players who played a significant portion of their career in Detroit it is quite rare for them to sport a resume with two divisional crowns, and four playoff appearances. Brown would get a Super Bowl ring after leaving Detroit following the 1995 season.

Brown is also semi-famous for allowing an opponent to sack QB Scott Mitchell because Mitchell was playing awful poorly. I cannot remember that game specifically…but let’s be honest Mitchell stunk up the joint more than once.

On a more personal note I met Lomas at a NASCAR event at Ford Field and have a picture of him holding my infant son in one of his massive hands. Lomas was a great guy, a fan favorite, a key piece of the Barry Sanders era of the Lions.

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