30 Day Blogging Challenge: GoT Day Twenty Seven

Finally I have new Game of Thrones episodes to watch…still waiting for the new A Song of Ice and Fire installments to read. In little over a month we all will get the seventh season of the hit HBO show. I am betting we will not get the last two books until the show has completed its run in 2018. I hope I am wrong about that but more and more it feels like that is what is going to happen. That means for now the show will be the officially unofficial canon of Westeros will be the show. As a writer I am not super happy about that but as a fan I just need my GoT fix already.  To help satisfy that need I embark upon a 30 day blogging challenge about Thrones. I am going to try to answer each prompt once for the TV show and once for the books since a great many things differ. With that being said…

Day Twenty Seven-Favorite Death

This might be the easiest one to answer of the thirty. COme on…there truly can be only one in the show and in the books. Is there any other answer? Of course there isn’t.

Favorite death is without a doubt Joffrey Baratheon.


Who didn’t cheer when this little cunt finally got what he so had coming? Who didn’t wish for his death through three seasons, or two books? It is one of the best scenes in the show, and in the books. The fact that we all rooted for he murder of a this little bastard proves my point. Even his own father felt his fate well deserved.

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  1. I agree on favorite death. No one was sad except for maybe cersei cause she’s a crazy psycho. Who do you think will be your favorite death in the last two seasons? Out of all the characters still alive.

    I’m going with the spawn birthing mother Cersei Lannister followed by Baelish.


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