30 Day Blogging Challenge: GoT Day Twenty Five

Finally I have new Game of Thrones episodes to watch…still waiting for the new A Song of Ice and Fire installments to read. In little over a month we all will get the seventh season of the hit HBO show. I am betting we will not get the last two books until the show has completed its run in 2018. I hope I am wrong about that but more and more it feels like that is what is going to happen. That means for now the show will be the officially unofficial canon of Westeros will be the show. As a writer I am not super happy about that but as a fan I just need my GoT fix already.  To help satisfy that need I embark upon a 30 day blogging challenge about Thrones. I am going to try to answer each prompt once for the TV show and once for the books since a great many things differ. With that being said…

Day Twenty Five-Best Warrior

There can be only one.

Let us take a quick look at the contenders. Bronn, Jamie Lannister, Brienne of Tarth, The Hound, Jon Snow, Oberyn Martell and maybe Stannis Baratheon.

Now Stannis is widely known as the best commander in Westeros. We see him fight three different times but only one of those fights ended in victory. I think for our purposes here that rules him out.


Bronn is a bad ass without question. Jamie is very good but he does get himself captured, he does loose a hand, so I don’t think he can get very serious consideration. Brienne has done some whooping both on the show and in the books. She is a strong candidate. We have seen The Hound fight a number of folks and win. Oberyn is pretty awesome but his head did get squished.

In the end the answer has to be Jon Snow. He fights a lot. Especially in the show. He has also been highly successful in fighting and winning. I think by any metric that makes him the best.

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One comment

  1. Those are all tough fighters! Jon snow wins though because he can just get resurrected! Oh and as a backup he can warg into ghost and tear them up.

    The hound is a close second because Jamie lost his hand. Good post!


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