30 Day Blogging Challenge: GoT Day Twenty Three

It feels like forever since I have had any new Game of Thrones to watch…or any new A Song of Ice and Fire to read. In little over a month we all will get the seventh season of the hit HBO show. I am betting we will not get the last two books until the show has completed its run in 2018. I hope I am wrong about that but more and more it feels like that is what is going to happen. That means for now the show will be the officially unofficial canon of Westeros will be the show. As a writer I am not super happy about that but as a fan I just need my GoT fix already.  To help satisfy that need I embark upon a 30 day blogging challenge about Thrones. I am going to try to answer each prompt once for the TV show and once for the books since a great many things differ. With that being said…

Day Twenty Three-Dragons or Wolves

Let’s see here…Do I want some big hairy dogs, or some even bigger hungrier giant fucking lizards? By the way I am a cat person…and my cats are quite content at the moment making friends with the bunnies hat populate my backyard. I am not sure I would know what to do with a creature that is more aggressive.

Oh wait ya I do, unleash them on my enemies.

The real question becomes feeding said horrifying monsters. For most people feeding dragons is cost prohibitive. I am not so sure how much direwolves eat but I could start by feeding them the cat loving bunnies that live in my backyard. Unlike most people I happen to live next to a pizza shop. I am not so sure they could keep three dragons fed but they do serve a giant 24 inch round pizza that could probably keep at least one dragon from eating all the neighborhood children.

Another fact about me I have never owned a dog of my own. One of my four moms bred Rottweilers, and I use to live in a house with roommates who had dogs. I am not afraid of dogs to any extent just have never had one of my own and since dragons are fucking awesome and I think I could keep one from starving and rampaging through the streets for small children or goats I am going to have to say Dragons.

Read more of my 30 day GoT blogging challenge here


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