30 Day Blogging Challenge: GoT Day Nine

It feels like forever since I have had any new Game of Thrones to watch…or any new A Song of Ice and Fire to read. In little over a month we all will get the seventh season of the hit HBO show. I am betting we will not get the last two books until the show has completed its run in 2018. I hope I am wrong about that but more and more it feels like that is what is going to happen. That means for now the show will be the officially unofficial canon of Westeros will be the show. As a writer I am not super happy about that but as a fan I just need my GoT fix already.  To help satisfy that need I embark upon a 30 day blogging challenge about Thrones. I am going to try to answer each prompt once for the TV show and once for the books since a great many things differ. With that being said…

Day Nine-Least Favorite Female Character

I am going to have two different answers one for the HBO show and another for the books. I am going to have a weird answer for the show because its been a fanboy gripe of mine for a while now.

For the show my least favorite female is Margaery Tyrell. Not because she isn’t stupid attractive, not because she is the least naked of all the female on this show, not because Natalie Dormer did a bad job playing this roll, but because to me it’s fucking lazy casting.


Margaery is a character obviously inspired by Anne Boleyn. Dormer played Boleyn on the Showtime show The Tudors. So they cast Anne in a role based on Anne and well that just seems lazy to me. I get it I am a nerd and I am the only one that has ever had this particular issue, but I just can’t get past it. A lot of people have teased me about this hang up but I don’t care…it really bugs me.

Now in the books I think my least favorite female is Cersei Lannister. There is nothing likable about book Cersei. She is portrayed as a dumb, cruel idiot. Basically her son Joffrey with a vagina. She is manipulative and everything she does to gain a scrap of personal power comes at the expense of the realm. She is an awful, terrible person with absolutely no redeeming qualities. Not even her utter humiliation during her naked walk through Kings Landing made me feel anything but this chick is getting exactly what she deserves.

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