30 Day Blogging Challenge: Magic the Gathering Day Twenty-One

So Magic the Gathering is a game, the collectible card game, but I think most of you reading this know that already. I played way back when the Revised Edition was the main set. I was probably a senior in high school at the time. When they started changing rules and taking certain cards out of print I stopped playing and eventually I needed a large chunk of cash for a new car and I cashed in my collection and never looked back. 

23 years later my son and I were looking for a hobby to share. Something that we could do and enjoy together. That is when I found the game again. We bought a Duel Deck and had a ton of fun with that for two weeks and then found a local game shop and are enjoying not only playing but building up a collection of cards.

As a way to commemorate my return to the game and his beginning in the game I found a 30 day MTG blogging challenge and I want to share that with you all here.

With that being said:


Day Twenty-One-Favorite Enchantment

My favorite deck has slowly become a Blue-White Azorius control deck. It has gone through several reworkings but I think it is finally at a place where its fun to play and does reasonably well against the other casual decks at my LGS.

The theory of the deck is to slow down my opponent till I can play multiple Plainswalkers that either kill you outright or mill your deck down to nothing. The main focus of that strategy is the Enchantment Singing Bell Strike.


Bell Strike is 1 and 1 blue for that taps enchanted creature and said creature does not untap during the controller’s next untap step. Then enchanted creature’s controller has to pay six to untap it. For the most part it takes said creature out of the early game. I have several cards that are similar and work with this one.

It’s a little surprising to me because 20 years ago when I was way into MTG I disliked playing white a lot. Now days my two main decks, and my EDH deck all contain white.

Let me give a big shout-out to MTG The Walkers Lounge on Facebook, A great place for all things MTG.

Check out the rest of my 30 MTG blogging challenge here


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