Magic Monday: An MTG Update

I think I am writing this more for my son than anyone else. He is getting to an age where Facebook, the internet, and social media in general is going to become a part of his life. Hopefully not a huge part but there is no question it will be a part and I want to record our journey in Magic: The Gathering. Right now it is just a hobby…a fun way to spend a few days a week at our local game store meeting new people and developing new relationships. However, since he is already an avid user of You Tube he has ideas. This week he told me that his goal in MTG is to win a Pro Tour event.

If that is what he wants to do not only will I support him but I want to chronicle how he gets there. From where we are right now to that goal is likely a journey spread over at least a few years. He has only been playing for two months and while he has come a long way in those months I know that he has a long way to go.


I feel like I have finally recovered from Amonkhet pre-release weekend. The boy and I spent the great balance of Friday and Saturday at our local game store getting our hands on the new cards and playing in a tournament. It was a marathon session and I once more remembered that I am old and gaming all night is a huge undertaking. I played my best rounds at the beginning but as the night drew on I did not play very sharp. Fatigue was a big factor there. After three rounds of play I was forced to drop out as I could not even read the fine print on the cards anymore. I am not saying it wasn’t fun I am saying I am old.

Let’s talk about the number 43. As an old school NASCAR fan 43 to me will always be associated with King Richard Petty. I am more than sure people reading this all over North America have their own local favorite 43. I can not think of any 43’s in the history of Detroit sports but I am sure there are a few. Not that it would matter NASCAR is my first love and I am old enough that I can remember when Petty was still the driver of one of the more famous cars in our culture.

For the boy 43 has a new significance. There were 90 some players in our pre-release tournament. He finished 43 among them. Solidly in the upper half and just out of the prizes. I think fatigue was also a factor for him, but more importantly he had some problems over coming some adversary. He got off to a fast start sweeping both of the first two rounds. That earned him a seat at the head table for round three. There the competition stepped up to a level he had not seen before. He quickly lost in that round and had a hard time adjusting to the wild swings in his victories. Had it not been 4am at that point I think he would have bounced back. After a pep talk from me, the store owner, and our play group the kid finished but would not win another round.

By any metric I have to say this event was a success for both of us. The kid is getting scary good with the advanced tactics and while I did not play very well at all I did get Gideon of the Trials in my pool and now own one of the most sought after cards in the Amonkhet set. I even got him out for a game so I feel like i can sell or trade him to further the developement of our main decks or add more Amonkhet to our pool of cards.

Our goals for the week are too work are newly acquired stock into our main decks, get up to our LGS to complete our trials, and build a pauper commander deck…yes that is a thing.

Happy Gaming to all.


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