30 Day Blogging Challenge: Magic the Gathering Day Seventeen

So Magic the Gathering is a game, the collectible card game, but I think most of you reading this know that already. I played way back when the Revised Edition was the main set. I was probably a senior in high school at the time. When they started changing rules and taking certain cards out of print I stopped playing and eventually I needed a large chunk of cash for a new car and I cashed in my collection and never looked back. 

23 years later my son and I were looking for a hobby to share. Something that we could do and enjoy together. That is when I found the game again. We bought a Duel Deck and had a ton of fun with that for two weeks and then found a local game shop and are enjoying not only playing but building up a collection of cards.

As a way to commemorate my return to the game and his beginning in the game I found a 30 day MTG blogging challenge and I want to share that with you all here.



With that being said:

Day Seventeen-Favorite EDH General

Let start by saying that Commander is not my favorite format. It is a crazy way to play and crazy can be good but it really seems that most of what is broken in the game of MTG ends up in this format.

Now I am perfectly willing to admit that my pre-con 4 color deck was way to sophisticated for me to learn this format with. And that one simple fact maybe severely hurting my fun in playing EDH.

This week I have begun building my first custom EDH deck. I started by making a pile of all the cards I have one of. And before anyone reads this and thinks I am anti pre-con decks I totally am not. At the very least I got to play in a new format and more importantly I got all the staples of a EDH deck. I have my Sol Ring, I have my Commanders Tower, and the special lands and artifacts that help build card advantage as the game progresses.

So I have all that stuff and now I have a big stack of critters that really are not fitting in any of my other decks…so Now I just need to pick a Commander. I was very much thinking of going tribal with it. However of the mono or dual color decks in EDH I’ve seen they were all pretty weak. If four is a tad too much I am hoping that 3 will work far better.


Given the stack of creatures I had ready to go play Commander I am picking Numont the Devastator as my Commander and for right now my favorite Commander.

Let me give a big shout-out to MTG The Walkers Lounge on Facebook, A great place for all things MTG.

Check out the rest of my 30 MTG blogging challenge here


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