Magic Monday: An MTG update

I think I am writing this more for my son than anyone else. He is getting to an age where Facebook, the internet, and social media in general is going to become a part of his life. Hopefully not a huge part but there is no question it will be a part and I want to record our journey in Magic: The Gathering. Right now it is just a hobby…a fun way to spend a few days a week at our local game store meeting new people and developing new relationships. However, since he is already an avid user of You Tube he has ideas. This week he told me that his goal in MTG is to win a Pro Tour event.

If that is what he wants to do not only will I support him but I want to chronicle how he gets there. From where we are right now to that goal is likely a journey spread over at least a few years. He has only been playing for two months and while he has come a long way in those months I know that he has a long way to go.


We spent the last week building up Paper Pauper decks. Mine is green and the boys is white. They are both built on a propagate strategy. We have not tested them much but that is just because this week has been filled with MTG Open Houses at out Local Game Store, where we greatly increased our pool of cards for free, and getting ready for pre-release next weekend.

By getting ready I mean every day we are building a 40 card deck out of our existing pool of cards and having a best of three match. This is just to sharpen our skills of on the fly deck building and for him to learn how to recognize a good deck strategy. Friday night will be the first time he plays in a one on one competitive MTG game. I plan to let him build his own deck and just see what happens. While I would like to see him have some success I think maybe a good humbling is in order. What I really want him to get out of this is fun and the skill of being able to pick strong cards that work well together.

For me this will be my first competitive one v one MTG match in over 20 years. I feel like I know the cards fairly well and can build a fairly strong 40 card deck. The goal for me is just to see where I am at deck building wise. I would like to win one match, have some fun, and of course get my hands on more Amonkhet cards.

Other than that I will be spending this week making a new pile of cards that is likely to become my first custom EDH deck. I have not been having a lot of fun with my pre-con one and I am not exactly sure why…I don’t think I play it very well. I just haven’t gotten a full grasp on what it is meant to do and how to make it do that. I suppose I could buy a different pre-con one but I really believe that if I build a custom one I will be able to yield it better.

Check back next week to see how we did.


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