30 Day Blogging Challenge: Magic the Gathering Day Fourteen

So Magic the Gathering is a game, the collectible card game, but I think most of you reading this know that already. I played way back when the Revised Edition was the main set. I was probably a senior in high school at the time. When they started changing rules and taking certain cards out of print I stopped playing and eventually I needed a large chunk of cash for a new car and I cashed in my collection and never looked back. 

23 years later my son and I were looking for a hobby to share. Something that we could do and enjoy together. That is when I found the game again. We bought a Duel Deck and had a ton of fun with that for two weeks and then found a local game shop and are enjoying not only playing but building up a collection of cards.

As a way to commemorate my return to the game and his beginning in the game I found a 30 day MTG blogging challenge and I want to share that with you all here.


With that being said:

Day Fourteen-Favorite MTG Related Story

I don’t know if I want to tell a story from the few months my son and I have been back in the game or a tale for the good old days. I guess I will go with a newer story for today since I tend to write about being an old fart here a lot.

The kid and I are at our LGS a couple of weeks ago and we were watching this girl play an infect deck. I had not seen a deck like this in action before so I was curious. She did ok coming within three turns of winning.  She then played someone else and someone else and every time came close to winning but not quite.

She tells all of us that she never wins and this is when she notices my kid. She asks him if he wants to play and I can see that she thinks he is going to be a push over and she can get a win just to satisfy her ego. Nothing wrong with that winning is fun and it helps the enjoyment and the ego.


The kid has seen her deck play like four times. He is savvy enough to know that it’s on the slower side and she needs four or so turns to really get it going. When I play my green deck against him he has learned that a faster deck can get him to a win condition before a green deck can overpower him. He grabs his red burn deck and sits down to play.

I am not sure what the kid drew for an opener all I know is the next time I checked in on that game she as 4 life., he had two nettle drones on the field and a lightning bolt in his hand. This game is over and this girl who was looking to feed her ego by betting up on what she thought was a total newb has humbled her instead. The other guys hanging out at the shop told me on almost every turn she took a Goblin Grenade to the face…and yes that is a lucky draw but also really damn funny.

Let me give a big shout-out to MTG The Walkers Lounge on Facebook, A great place for all things MTG.

Check out the rest of my 30 MTG blogging challenge here



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