30 Day Blogging Challenge: Magic the Gathering Day Ten

So Magic the Gathering is a game, the collectible card game, but I think most of you reading this know that already. I played way back when the Revised Edition was the main set. I was probably a senior in high school at the time. When they started changing rules and taking certain cards out of print I stopped playing and eventually I needed a large chunk of cash for a new car and I cashed in my collection and never looked back. 

23 years later my son and I were looking for a hobby to share. Something that we could do and enjoy together. That is when I found the game again. We bought a Duel Deck and had a ton of fun with that for two weeks and then found a local game shop and are enjoying not only playing but building up a collection of cards.

As a way to commemorate my return to the game and his beginning in the game I found a 30 day MTG blogging challenge and I want to share that with you all here.


With that being said:

Day Ten-Favorite Set or Block

Since I skipped Day nine because I know nothing about Archenemy. I am going to answer this one twice; once for each option.


Ok my favorite set will always be revised. Revised was the first set to come out after they got rid of Ante. For me that made the game fun and something I was ready to invest time and money into. Before that I was kinda of on the fence because gambling is just not my thing. So much not my thing that for half of my working career I was actually contractually obligated not to gamble…like at all. Not really but I did sign something saying I would not bet on sports for profit. Even back then I just didn’t like the fact that I had to risk cards from my deck that could be A. crucial to the deck or B. expensive. With revised Ante became an optional component of the game and when my friends wouldn’t give it up I built my first hate deck…Oh you want to play for ante do you..welcome suckers to (4) Demonic Tutors, (4) Demonic Attorney, (4) Dark Pact and (4) Contract from Below…I am going to steal your good cards in the ante…make you ante more…and win the freaking game…Fuck ante…seriously.!


Overall Revised isn’t a great set but between that and Unlimited those are the two sets I learned to play this game with so they have a special place in my heart.

Now my favorite block. Without a doubt it is Amonkhet. I know, I know it hasn’t even come out yet but it will be the block I attend my first pre-release event in…along with my kid…and it sort of sets us up to get some play with some people who know these cards as well as we do. We are all starting at the same point so my play group and the dudes at my LGS will all be a tad more even then we are right now. Even if that only lasts one night…it is one night where everyone at that pre-release will be on very equal footing. That gives us a decent shot at building a good deck and possibly winning some prizes…which will go a long way towards funding more expensive deck builds.

Let me give a big shout-out to MTG The Walkers Lounge on Facebook, A great place for all things MTG.

Check out the rest of my 30 MTG blogging challenge here


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