30 Day Blogging Challenge: Magic the Gathering Day Six

So Magic the Gathering is a game, the collectible card game but I think most of you reading this know that already. I played way back when the Revised Edition was the main set. I was probably a senior in high school at the time. When they started changing rules and taking certain cards out of print I stopped playing and eventually I needed a large chunk of cash for a new car and I cashed in my collection and never looked back. 

23 years later my son and I were looking for a hobby to share. Something that we could do and enjoy together. That is when I found the game again. We bought a Duel Deck and had a ton of fun with that for two weeks and then found a local game shop and are enjoying not only playing but building up a collection of cards.

As a way to commemorate my return to the game and his beginning in the game I found a 30 day MTG blogging challenge and I want to share that with you all here.


With that being said:

Day Six- Favorite Creature Type/Tribe

There have always been a number of creature types in MTG. Tribe decks have been a thing since the dark days of ante. The very first deck I built was a mono-red Goblin deck with awesome guys like Goblin King and Goblin Sorcerer insuring that I was dropping at least a goblin a turn and that they were buff. That was a fun deck with like 12 lightning bolts in it. That was before we learned about the play set rule. As nasty as that may sound this deck was brought down by a smartly played two card combo. Prodigal Sorceror with a Red Ward on him. Something a mono-red deck cannot get rid of. All my goblins perished…and I lost and I swore off tribal decks for a long time.

Around the time I was starting to tire of MTG and was looking at my collection and realizing what I could cash it in for I had an idea for a merfolk deck. I never got too far into that one but it is still something I am considering. Yesterday I felt the need to go pull on my vampire cards and start to form the idea of a vampire deck. Once I get all of my skills back I think a tri-color dragon deck is going to be a thing.


The question is what is my favorite creature type…the only way to answer that is the one that gets me a win. There are so many ways to do that with so many different cards that picking a favorite is sort of irrelevant. I have ones that I prefer, hint hint its red, but I have played all kinds of decks and like to build decks and again my favorites are the ones I have that make my deck better.

Let me give a big shout-out to MTG The Walkers Lounge on Facebook, A great place for all things MTG.

Check out the rest of my 30 MTG blogging challenge here



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