Star Wars March Madness: Seven Seeds

It is finally March and that means it is time for brackets. All kinds of brackets from College Basketball to dessert toppings and everything in between. With that in mind this blog will be doing a Star Wars authors bracket.

I am taking on the Vince McMahon role for this endeavor. That means I picked the authors who I felt most qualified to be considered. I don’t think I made any huge omissions but some of you may…This is the 32 authors I think have had the most impact on the Star Wars book universe and more importantly have entertained all the Star Wars book readers. They will be broken into four brackets; Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda, and Grand Moff Tarkin. The Authors have been seeded  1 through 8 again most due to my own personal judgement while taking into consideration how the authors works are viewed by the readers at large.

With that being said I give you the seventh seed in the Grand Moff Tarkin bracket:

Tim Lebbon

As a seven seed Tim Lebbon will need to secure a victory in the first round to earn an invite to future tournaments. He will face Matthew Stover the two seed so he may be facing a steep uphill battle. Live fan voting will take place on Twitter and Facebook starting Monday March 20th.


Lebbon’s only contribution to he Expanded Universe was the novel Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void. This was the novelization based on the comic series of the same name and I think a lot of Star Wars fans grew tired of all the tie ins. While I myself am not a comic book fan and did not read them I did find the constant tie-backs to stories I knew nothing about tiresome. As a result I didn’t read a lot of these books especially the ones dealing with the ancient Star Wars past. Not my favorite era but I found Lebbon’s name on many must read Star Wars author’s lists.

This novel centers around Lanoree Brock a member of Je’Daii order. He must stop his own brother from destroying a star system with a black home. This crisis sets up a moral dilemma for Lanoree who seems to be a somewhat reluctant member of the order.

When Disney bought Lucasfilm they wiped away the Expanded Universe and while we have seen them willing to bring in EU elements I do not think this plotline will make it given all that we have seen and read about the Church of the Force.

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