Star Wars March Madness: Five Seeds

It is finally March and that means it is time for brackets. All kinds of brackets from College Basketball to dessert toppings and everything in between. With that in mind this blog will be doing a Star Wars authors bracket.

I am taking on the Vince McMahon role for this endeavor. That means I picked the authors who I felt most qualified to be considered. I don’t think I made any huge omissions but some of you may…This is the 32 authors I think have had the most impact on the Star Wars book universe and more importantly have entertained all the Star Wars book readers. They will be broken into four brackets; Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda, and Grand Moff Tarkin. The Authors have been seeded  1 through 8 again most due to my own personal judgement while taking into consideration how the authors works are viewed by the readers at large.

With that being said I give you the fifth seed in the Darth Vader bracket:

Joe Schreiber


Joe Schreiber is another Star Wars author I am not very familiar with. I do know that he was hired to write a mass market paperback and that the excitement for that novel grew to such a fever pitch that Del Rey decided to turn that book into a Hardcover novel. I speak of course of Death Troopers not those awesome black clad dudes from Rogue One but the dudes from the first Star Wars horror novel.


Zombies now days are something of a troupe, given wacky shows like Z Nation and how bad The Walking Dead has become. Back when this book came out that was not quite the case. Zombies were become the next big thing in pop culture and personally I think that the Star Wars books should reflect what is going on in the time that they are published. While I have not read this book yet, the idea of zombie stormtroopers is unique and sort of terrifying.

Red Harvest would be Joe’s next Star Wars work and this is the prequel to his first novel. There are no recurring characters as this story takes place a good deal of time before Death Troopers. However it tells the story of the sickness that would come to infect the Star Wars galaxy.

From there Schreiber would write the penultimate novel of the Expanded Universe. Maul: Lockdown would come out in January of 2014. By September of that year the first book in the Disney canon would be on shelves. The events depicted in this novel happen about a year before the events of Episode One. This book has Maul on a mission to steal a bomb to use against someone…the continuity gets a little lost here so I am not sure who the intended target is.

I have heard Star Wars book fans go back and forth on Schrieber’s novels. I think he is deserving of a spot in this tournament but do not think he will do very well in the fan voting.

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