Star Wars March Madness: Four Seeds

It is finally March and that means it is time for brackets. All kinds of brackets from College Basketball to dessert toppings and everything in between. With that in mind this blog will be doing a Star Wars authors bracket.

I am taking on the Vince McMahon role for this endeavor. That means I picked the authors who I felt most qualified to be considered. I don’t think I made any huge omissions but some of you may…This is the 32 authors I think have had the most impact on the Star Wars book universe and more importantly have entertained all the Star Wars book readers. They will be broken into four brackets; Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda, and Grand Moff Tarkin. The Authors have been seeded  1 through 8 again most due to my own personal judgement while taking into consideration how the authors works are viewed by the readers at large.

With that being said I give you the fourth seed in the Grand Moff Tarkin bracket:

Paul S. Kemp


This is the first author to earn a seed in this tournament whom I am totally unfamiliar. However he is a fellow Michigander and lives in the same part of the world I do so he cannot be all that bad. I actually used the internets to find a lot of these authors to give some perspective on my seedings. Kemp comes up on lots of those lists but somehow I missed his Expanded Universe entries. His first two books were written in between the Legacy of the Force series and the Fate of the Jedi series. Right around the time I was ruining my life with marriage and child-bearing (note the sarcasm and save the hate mail). He did right The Disney timeline novel Lord of the Sith and that is the third book on my to read pile.


Kemp’s first novel, Crosscucurrent, takes place 41 years past the Battle of Yavin. It has a lot of flashbacks to a time 5,000 before the Battle of Yavin and has tie ins with plot points from the Lost Tribe of the Sith book which was the back story for lots of characters in the Fate of the Jedi series. Jedi Knight Jaden Korr is our protagonist and he has a force vision. That is the set up of the book. This rings no bells in my head at all. How I missed this as it was released is beyond me as generally speaking I pick up every Star Wars book I can get my hands on. Somehow I will find a way to blame my ex-wife for it.

It was popular enough, and sold enough copes to warrant a follow-up. Riptide would be Kemp’s third Star Wars novel. I could go steal plot points from different sites, but there is little point to that. The Star Wars book fans like this guys work and ofthe ten or so best Star Wars writers list I looked over to come up with my list of 32 authors he appeared on all of them. That is a good enough endorsement for me.

Paul’s second Star Wars book was The Old Republic: Deceived. This was a tie in to the Old Republic online game. The Essential Readers Companion says that James Luceno was orignally hired to write an Old Republic tie novel but some of his ideas were too dark. Those chunks of story were eventually given to Darth Maul. The novel Kemp ended up penning deals with the siege of Coruscant by the Sith. I am not sure how many times I have read about that planet being besieged but I am starting to think that this may be why I skipped Kemp’s Star Wars novels. Yet somehow I will still pin it on my ex-wife.

Kemp adds to his Star Wars resume with the Lord of the Sith novel of the Disney canon. It has been described to be as the best new canon entries. This book ties together some plot points and characters from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. This is something Del Rey, Disney, and the authors involved have done a great job of. They have really concentrated their efforts on the time in between the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy. That makes a lot of sense as it build up character and plot that they can move forward. The goal there is that once those later books come down the pipe we the readers will already be emotionally invested in those characters.

Speaking of future projects Kemp is in line to write a duology which I am pretty sure is the first two book series of the new canon. Let’s hope I find time to read Dark Lords of the Sith before we get to that.

Oh ya…it defiently was my ex-wife’s fault because she felt spending money on Star Wars books was a waste. SO let me leave you with this nugget of knowledge…money spent on books is never wasted.

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