Star Wars March Madness: Three Seeds

It is finally March and that means it is time for brackets. All kinds of brackets from College Basketball to dessert toppings and everything in between. With that in mind this blog will be doing a Star Wars authors bracket.

I am taking on the Vince McMahon role for this endeavor. That means I picked the authors who I felt most qualified to be considered. I don’t think I made any huge omissions but some of you may…This is the 32 authors I think have had the most impact on the Star Wars book universe and more importantly have entertained all the Star Wars book readers. They will be broken into four brackets; Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda, and Grand Moff Tarkin. The Authors have been seeded  1 through 8 again most due to my own personal judgement while taking into consideration how the authors works are viewed by the readers at large.

With that being said I give you the third seed in the Yoda Bracket:

Christie Golden


Christie Golden entered the world of the Star Wars novels in the last third of the original Expanded Universe run. She would write three of the Fate of the Jedi books. Then she would cross over to the Disney timeline and write the earliest set novel in that continuity with Dark Disciple. So far the powers that be have for the most part avoided the prequel era like the plague which makes Golden’s entry there interesting. She earns a third seed based on the strength of the three of her novels I have read (more than once) and the intriguing nature of her first canon book.


Her first EU novel was Omen, the second installment of the Fate of the Jedi series. This book deals with the Lost Tribe of the Sith a lot, and ship the Sith meditation sphere that has been a minor plot thread throughout several of the post New Jedi Order series. The other major plot thread here is the sickness infecting the new crop of young Jedi Knights and the tragedy that is the Horn family.

Golden also wrote the fifth book in that series, Allies. This book opens with a confrontation between Luke and Ben Skywalker and the Lost Tribe of the Sith fleet. They decide that the sickness infecting the younger Jedi Knights is a larger threat and decide to team up and investigate the mystery together.  On Coruscant the feud between Chief of State Nastai Daala and the Jedi order continues. We also get Tahiri Veila’s trial for the murder of Admiral Pellaeon. This is a very enjoyable read and Golden really delves into how the Sith operate.

Ascension is the eighth book of the series and the final EU novel written by Golden. Again the Lost Tribe of the Sith are the primary focus s they are considering an alliance with the creature Abeloth. Abeloth is the central antagonist for the entire series. Vestara Khai, a female Sith, has joined forces with Luke and Ben and along with Jaina Solo are searching for ship. Chief of State Daala has fallen from power and there is a lot of political intrigue there, while she is on the run after having Boba Fett break her out of prison in the previous installment. Luke finally returns to Coruscant to research more about Abeloth.


In the canon timeline the novel Dark Disciple takes place between Episode Two and Three. This book was born from several Star Wars:The Clone wars scripts that were never produced for the show due to its cancellation in the wake of Disney buying Lucasfilms. It stars Asajj Ventress one of the more beloved morally gray villains from that show. She teams up with Jedi Master Quinlan Vos to assassinate Count Dooku. They two fall in love and as a duo really explore different aspects of the force. It seems to me this book is the setup for a new understanding fo the force beyond light and dark that the entire Disney canon seems to be pointing to.

Goldnen’s next canon novel will be Inferno Squad set directly after the events in Rogue One.

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