Update 2-28-2017

So it has been a few months since I have written any new content here. It has also been almost year since I was regularly writing here. Things on the personal side have been something of a mess. I had to shut down all of my social networking sites because of a stalker which by far was the scary and stupidest things that has ever happened to me. With that now for the most part settled I am back.

I have no idea yet what kind of stuff I want to write about. Beyond restarting the discussion on the Star Wars books I do not yet know what other kind of content I will be writing here. For now the reviews and discussions of the Star Wars books both in the Legends timeline and in the new Disney timeline.

The ultimate goal for that is to turn this series of articles into a fan friendly podcast. Of course that takes capital, and depending on how well the efforts go to monetize this blog go we shall see what projects I can take on. I do not want to just have ads on here because let’s be honest ads are lame and I don’t want to shill for companies and products that I don’t use and love. There is the podcast model of Patreon and exclusive content and constantly asking people to contribute and I’m not a huge fan of that but to grow anything takes some money so at some point there will be a concentrated effort to monetize this blog.Right now I am leaning on the Patreon model and I think a good selling point would be to offer articles (and hopefully eventually podcasts) on the numerous ebooks that were put out as the internet became the beast that it is way back in the 1990’s.

Of course with any effort like this one content is king. While my past stuff still performs pretty good I am more than aware that growth comes with new content, and new fans, and new followers. For now I am picking up the Star Wars book club where I left off with the novel I, Jedi. I started that project with the books post Return of the Jedi, so new followers and fan won’t be to far behind and the goal there is to eventually cover all of the Star Wars books in both timelines.

Other than that I am in discussions with a podcast network to record and air a podcast on the old TV show The Shield. That seems to be the trend in the podcasts I know and love these days and that could be a lot of fun. We shall see if a deal can be worked out.

Please feel free to leave a comment, suggest something to cover, or share your take on a particular book. Please follow me here, or on my new twitter account @swbc2017. Check back soon to see my review of the book I, Jedi.

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