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Star Wars Luke Skywalker

I want to take a moment and talk about a huge Star Wars plot hole that I recently fell into. I am currently re-reading the Expanded Universe from Return of the Jedi on to compare how Disney will build out there post ROTJ timeline. I have just finished the Thrawn Trilogy. In that work a crazy mad clone of a former Jedi Master creates a clone of Luke Skywalker from the hand Luke lost to Darth Vader on Cloud City. It bugged me for someone reason and I couldn’t let the idea of that blue lightsaber go.

I of course watched the cut scene from ROTJ where Luke builds his green Lightsaber. I remember the second duel with Vader Luke has a green lightsaber because his blue one had been lost at Cloud City.

Then I got my copy of the Force awakens on DVD and of course watched it for the fourth time and I got to that scene where Rey finds that blue lightsaber. It is stated in that movie that that lightsaber was Luke’s and Luke father’s before that. We also see that lightsaber in A New Hope. Obi-Wan Kenobi gives it to Luke and tells him it was his father’s and that is father wanted him to have it. After watching Revenge of the Sith we know that is a lie. And we all know from watching The Empire Strikes Back that Kenobi and the truth have a loose relationship.

At the end of Revenge of the Sith we do see Obi-Wan pick up Anakin’s lightsaber after delivering the final blow of their duel. That seems to lead us to accept that the blue lightsaber Obi-Wan gives Luke in A New Hope is in fact Anakin Skywalker’s.

Now after watching the end of Revenge of the Sith again I had another thought. If Obi-Wan had Anakin’s lightsaber, and if he gave it to Luke, that is the lightsaber that Anakin used to slaughter the younglings in the Jedi Temple. Several Star Wars fans have stated that when Rey’s vision begins they hear the sound of the younglings being slaughtered. I do not. I hear Darth Vader, I hear Luke scream no…and then I see and hear the battle of The Knights of Ren and what I assume is the new generation of Jedi being trained by Luke.


This is where we fall into a plot hole. I firmly believe that the start of Rey’s vision is Cloud City. That is where Anakin’s (and now Luke’s) blue lightsaber was lost. Darth Vader severs Luke’s hand and the hand and saber fall away into the depths of Cloud City. We have not yet been told how that blue lightsaber winds up in Maz’s basement for Rey to find.


Which bring us back to the second part of Rey’s vision. The plot hole is should Luke not have the green lightsaber we saw him yield in ROTJ at that point? My view on this sequence is that the blue lightsbaer is showing Rey a vision of something it was not present at. That seems odd to me, and sure it could be explained away because force stuff. However, that seems like lazy writing and again the point here is details matter.

Maybe I am just a dork and got stuck thinking about something that does not truly matter. I can accept that if that is the case…however we are talking about a story being told over multiple forms of media…a billion dollar financial empire…and a huge plot point in the relaunch movie.


Using logic I can deduce that the blue lightsaber cannot be the lightsaber Luke was carrying in any story post ROTJ. He had a green lightsaber because his father’s blue blade had been lost. It all seems unlikely that Luke in as poor a condition as we see at the end of The Empire Strikes Back recovered his lightsaber then. Luke does travel back to Bespin in one of the old Expanded Universe books but there is never a mention of him recovering his father’s blue lightsaber. This then becomes the mother of all plot holes because Rey finds a blue lightsaber in the basement of Maz’s castle. If that lightsaber was green than none of this would matter…but it was blue…which leaves a lot of questions.

The next biggest one being this…if the fight between Vader and Luke (and by extension the fight between the Knights of Ren and Luke) was such a powerful event in the force that it left an imprint on the lightsaber…would not the slaughter of younglings with the same weapon be as powerful event in the force to leave a tainted force impression upon it?

Given what we know about dark side residue I would think a weapon used for such a obscene act would give a force sensitive user a glimpse of its wretched past way more than I believe it would give a force sensitive a brief history of the Knights of Ren…again details freaking matter!

We do know from the book Aftermath that there is a market for Darth Vader themed things. So we can reasonably assume that someone at some point went out of their way…all the way to Bespin…to get Anakin Skywalker’s original lightsaber (along with Luke’s severed hand).

Now that the Disney books are starting to come out there are adding new short stories to them to drive paperback sales…so I am going to challenge Del Rey, the authors, the directors of future movies, and The Mouse to commission a story about that lightsaber…since in a lot of way it is the bridge from the Lucas made movies to the Disney made stories…to the act that lead someone to abandon Rey on Jakku.

But hey what do I know I have only grown up watching these movies, reading these books, and obsessing about stuff that just doesn’t make any sense.

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Found this video by one of my favorite you tubers that may help explain this troublesome plot hole.



  1. Vincent · April 25, 2016

    Touching the saber triggered a Force vision. It began with cloud city , then ran through other aspects. The vision was triggered by the saber but not related to the saber. The saber, having been in the hands of powerful force users awakened the powers inside of Rey, one of which is to see things . But everything she saw was not inclusive of the saber, but inclusive of the beings tied to the saber, mainly Luke, Kylo and possibly herself.


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