Fan Theory Friday- Who did Negan Whack?

One of the themes of this blog is celebrating collected fandoms. Its ok to be a fanboy or a fangirl and in the internet age that usually means a collection of fan theories behind some of the major events in the fandoms that we enjoy. Every Friday I will be taking a look at some of the more credible fan theories and discussing them at length. 

Fan Theory #1 Who did Negan kill at the end of Season 6 of the Walking Dead?


While the season finale of The Walking Dead has left me with a bunch of fanboy feelings to sort out this week, I am starting to think this show did exactly what it needed to. While the viewership for this show is huge the fact remains that over season six the viewership shrank. That means they needed a bold move, a Game of Thrones “water cooler moment” to re-energize the fan base. While leaving the audience in suspense over which character has bought the farm may be lazy story telling and an old trick…What else have we been talking about this week? We have the premier of season two of Fear the Walking Dead, the wind up to the conclusion of season two of Better Call Saul, and the debut of the Star Wars: Rogue One trailer to talk about…and yet the internet and fans everywhere want to know who did Negan whack?

Anyway we slice that up its pure genius.

Another one of the themes of this blog is the Art versus Commerce argument. The fact remains that The Walking Dead airs on commercial supported TV, and the show runners are obligated to produce the biggest audience that they can. There is little doubt that this little stunt will insure a record audience for the debut of season 7 later this fall.

Now, let get done to brass tacks. I think we can widdle down the choices to two. If this was Game of Thrones we could include the women…however since this airs on a basic cable channel and has sponsors and advertisers I do not think AMC would allow a woman to be brained by a baseball bat. HBO might, and probably have the would be female victim topless…

We can also rule out Rick and Carl because of what Negan said to them and the threats he made. Personally I think we can also rule out Glenn because; 1. the show runners like to change things from the source material to keep viewers on edge and 2. the stunt they pulled with his potential death at the mid season finale would potentially piss off enough viewers that they would walk away from the show entirely.

Given all that, and the clues that The Walking Dead producers promise were in that scene, I think the choice boils down to two. Daryl or Abraham. Those two look to me like the best potentials to meet their end with Lucille to the face. I am leaning towards Abraham being the victim based on the way he puffed up with Negan was giving his speech and playing his little game. Just so I am on the record with this it is 4-8-2016 at 1156 AM and I Joshua Lobdell am predicting that Negan killed Abraham.

I have read multiple posts and watched multiple videos about this, and I am sure more than a few of you have done the same. What do all of you think? Opinions not backed up by facts will be deleted…

In the coming weeks I will be looking at other fan theories from many different fandoms. I will strive to stay away from the really crazy stuff and stick to more realistic theories supported by facts. Of course this is the internet so that plan might go off the rails.

The Lucile cliffhanger was just to big to ignore this week.


One comment

  1. foreverbaci · April 8, 2016

    Honestly, I am perfectly okay with Abraham dying as long as Glenn, Maggie, Daryl, Rick, and Carl are okay. If anything happens to any of them…I will cry. Btw, yes, I definitely cried when Glenn had his fake death scene. I cried like a baby, haha!

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