The live action Star Wars series Disney should make

Let me sum this up for everyone in two words…

Rogue Squadron

Let me say it again for dramatic effect

Rogue Squadron.


Disney is reportedly going to make a live action series to be distributed on Netflix…and again that series should be based around…Rogue Squadron. Even more to the point the new series should be loosely based on the very good, I suppose fairly successful, X wing books that were among the best of the Star Wars Expanded Universe Disney made the wise business choice to throw out in favor of rebuilding the post Return of the Jedi timeline in their own image.

The main problem with that is there is 5 years of history that needs to be filled in. We will be getting Rogue One this year…and hat will start to build up the timeline between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Which could be the tie in to get a new series off to a hot start.

So why does a Rogue Squadron series make sense?

Well after a obvious move tie in, it would go a long way to pulling fans of the old EU back into the fold. After making a movie that served the fans of the universe it seems like making a series that would appeal to us adults who spent a large part of our early adulthood and a fair amount of money supporting the EU could be a very sound business strategy for Disney.

The franchise has the movies, books, and comics that appeal to the fans…it has Rebels which appeals to the kids, so it seems sound that making a series on Netflix for people my age, that have grown up in this fandom, would be the most logical way to go.

Furthermore it grows the cast of characters of the franchise. That was my main complaint of the EU as it went on and on and on…it took a long time for new characters we the fans to care about to take a central¬†place in the stories. We eventually got there with the children of Han and Leia and Luke and Mara Jade. However far too many of the books of the old EU featured Han, Leia, and Luke. Disney can start to change that with a series featuring Wedge Antilles a character that most hardcore fans know of and like…and his merry band of X Wing fighter jocks.


I would begin such a series just after the evacuation of Hoth. It is a part of the Star Wars timeline that has never been discussed a whole lot. Rebels shows us how the Rebellion started to bloom and Rogue Squadron could show us how the Rebels came back from one of their worst defeats. How they became the force in the universe, and how the were able to defeat the Empire. They could also tie in the Aftermath books which after reading one I am very lukewarm about. Sure Wedge is in that book, but that can be written around (or tied into)…by a good writer or writers…if Disney chooses to employ such writers…by the way…I am available..and would do it just to do it…of course my agent is gonna want to see some money from it but I am sure we can come to an accord.

I have no idea what we are going to get in this live action series, but this seems to be a very good idea. A way to further develop the post ROTJ Disney timeline and give the fans a show that could really be something. It could also introduce new characters, and maybe even incorporate some of the more memorable ones from what Disney now calls the Legends books. For this series I am thinking most specifically of Corran Horn, but some of the other Rogues and Wraiths could be very entertaining on the small screen.

But hey what do I know? I am just a lifelong Star Wars fan, and a writer with a purple beard…



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