30 Day Star Wars Blogging Challenge: Day Thirty Why I love Star Wars


Day 30 Why I love Star Wars

I am a fanboy. I suppose we could argue that Star Wars made me into a fanboy…but that is kind of like arguing which came first the chicken or the egg. Star Wars was my first fandom and for my formative years the really good memories all have something to do with Star Wars…be that getting awesome Star Wars presents for Christmas and birthdays…but also seeing movies with those that are most special to me. I have all those memories all involving this franchise.

I guess at the end of the day these movies, and later the books caught my fanboy attention and inspired my imagination. For a very long time Star Wars was my only fandom and over the years it has remained as one of my main ones…till I met a crazy fangirl and embraced being a geeky fanboy nerd and what not…mostly I blame Game of Thrones…which is the only fandom of mine that has come close to my devotion to Star Wars…Why yes I do have a Game of Thrones tattoo…

There have been several stages of my Star Wars fanhood…the child phase where I saw the movies and bugged my parents to buy me all the cool Star Wars shit. The book nerd phase, and I am a total book nerd, so when Lucas Books started putting out books en mass I was super happy. Then I was an adult and had a little spending money and rebought all the toys I had as a kid…and then the prequels came out…finally my kid was old enough to start watching the movies and the whole process started over again.

Just today my kid and I spent the afternoon hitting up a few stores looking for the Die Cast Star Wars ships…it was a good day.

30 Day Star Wars Challenge


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