30 Day Star Wars Blogging Challenge: Day Twenty Two Favorite Return of the Jedi moment


Day Twenty Two Favorite Return of the Jedi moment

Return of the Jedi was my Star Wars movie for a long time. I was six or seven when it was in the theaters and I have no idea how many times I saw it in the theater…but it was a lot. I saw the special edition of the film at least thrice in theater. The special edition of this flick really bugs me more than the other two. The changes at the end made me really mad, because they were so unnecessary. While it was cool to see other world celebrate the demise of the Emperor…A Force Awakens really kills all of that since things are as bad if not worse than they were then. In 30 plus years not much has changed and that is very depressing. We also get our first look at the new Anakin and that turned out to be so awful that it makes that moment in Jedi just terrible.


My favorite moment from this film has to be the duel in the throne chamber at the end. We see Luke with most of his power as a Jedi take on the Sith Lord Darth Vader and turn him to the light…even though there are rumblings that Luke went dark to win this fight…I don’t know exactly where I stand on that…and since he was not in A Force Awakens we don’t really know if he did or not. Maybe someone should write a book about that…maybe even me…Disney I would love to write a Star Wars book…I won’t even charge that much.

While the monologue of the Emperor has been much mocked since…when it was happening it was awesome…he was so evil…so filled with hatred…and seemingly in control of the entire situation…something that they tried and failed to replicate in the prequels. I loved that speech and I saved up my UPC’s and got the Emperor action figure that then could only be secured via the mail…man I’m fucking old. It was the perfect way to end the trilogy.

30 Day Star Wars Challenge


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