30 Day Star Wars Blogging Challenge: Day Twenty One- Favorite The Empire Strikes Back moment


Day Twenty One Favorite The Empire Strikes Back moment

Of the seven Star Wars movies this one is probably the best film, and the overall fan favorite. It is a great story handled very well and more importantly executed very well. The second movie of a trilogy is almost always the best film, and in this one we see the Empire marshal its forces and deal with the threat of the rebellion. We also learn that Darth Vader was once Anakin Skywalker and the father of Luke…he might not have undying allegiance to the Empire of it’s Emperor. Luke loses his hand, and his blue lightsaber which bring into question how that lightsaber continues to turn up in future movies. This movie ends with the gang vowing to go find Han Solo. It is an excellent movie well beyond being the best Star Wars movie ever made.

The Empire Strikes Back

My favorite moment from that movie is the Battle of Hoth without a doubt. It might have something to do with the At-At that has sat on my desk for the last nine years or so, and it is in that battle that we see the giant machines for the first time. This is the first huge land battle we see in the Star Wars movies. It is not all space fights and big ships this is a very real look at war in the Star Wars universe. I always found the land battles throughout the Star Wars universe so interesting. There are a few in the books that really got my blood stirring. This is the moment that made me a Star Wars fan. Empire was the first Star Wars movie I saw in the theaters and this scene blew me away.

30 Day Star Wars Challenge


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