30 Day Star Wars Blogging Challenge: Day Twenty Favorite A New Hope moment


Day Twenty Favorite A New Hope moment

This is also gonna be hard because first of all I was too young to see this movie in the theaters. This was never my Star Wars movie. Return of the Jedi was…and always will be. It is the starting point much as Episode 7 The Force Awakens is the starting point to the new trilogy. That is probably the nicest thing I say about both movies.


With that being said this is a good movie. Very enjoyable and a very good way to start of an epic saga. As for my favorite moment that is going to take a moment of reflection…

And another moment…

I suppose it has to be the Battle of Yavin 4. Luke comes into his force powers, Han decided that friendship is worth more than being a scoundrel. It is the climax of the movie and even with its faults in story it remains a great battle, a great scene, and the best moment from this film.

30 Day Star Wars Challenge


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