30 Day Star Wars Blogging Challenge: Day Fifteen A scene that makes me sad/angry


Day Fifteen A scene that makes me sad or angry

This was a no brainer for me. There is one scene that I hate, loath, never wanna see again. It is from Episode 2 Attack of the Clones. I cannot remember if this scene was in the theatrical release of the movie or if it was just on the DVD.

The scene comes into play when Anakin and Padme have returned to Naboo to hide and they start falling in love and end up in a field having a very awkward conversation about their first time. That is not why I hate this scene. We have all had a awkward conversation about our first time with someone, most of us with a significant other. That is part of falling in love, and had this scene been better executed it would have done exactly that.

Instead we get a really awkward scene for all the wrong reasons. I use to think that it was because of George Lucas and his questionable ability to write dialogue but after a saw another movie I am not quite so sure I can pin this one of George…even though I want to because fuck Jar Jar.

I use to run a movie theater. One of the movies we had once was Anywhere but Here. And there is a scene in that movie about an awkward sexual encounter that is just as infuriating. The star of both movies is…one Natalie Portman…so when she claims Star Wars ruined her acting career I laugh…because I saw this piece of trash and some of that other movie where she gives birth to a baby in a Wal Mart…and then killer tornadoes hate her baby for some reason…I have no idea.

30 Day Star Wars Challenge


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