30 Day Star Wars Blogging Challenge: Day 17 Favorite The Phantom Menace moment


Day 17 Favorite Phantom Menace moment

There isn’t one. This movie is complete shit. Forgot for a moment that is the worst Star Wars movie ever made, and focus in on the fact that it is simply a terrible fucking movie.

Worse than all that…I submit to each and everyone of you that anything that happens in this movie doesn’t mean shit to the rest of the saga. Which means it is two hours of time wasted, and however long it took George Lucas to fucking write it and based on that outcome I am guessing he wrote it over one lunch break…while drinking…and smoking crack…how the fuck else do you come up with Jar Jar fucking Binks. If you watch the films in the machete order you skip this move and y know what…the fucking story is better.

I know I know it was meant for kids and to sell bullshit toys…I know this because we acquired some of them and melted down all the Jar Jar ones in the fucking microwave…even causing a small fire…and that tub of goo and fire damage that was left over???? Better than having watched this stupid fucking movie…more than once…I really need a job or something.

Worse the shit we do find out makes no fucking sense…people become Jedi by getting infested with fucking space bugs??? Like some dude gets down with some questionable chick…gets space clap…and then becomes a Jedi??? Ok George…whatever you are smoking fucking puff, puff , and pass bitch.

But wait there is Darth Maul…he looked pretty awesome…yup right up to the point where he died like a bitch…that argument is not valid.

There is a theory running around the internet that Jar Jar was suppose to be the Sith Lord…and that makes a lot of sense as he and Palpatine hail from the same planet but the fans reaction to Jar Jar was so negative that Lucas changed the direction of the prequel trilogy and that Count Dooku guy shows up, and I have never seen or read an interesting backstory for him…just poof here is this guy. I hate that because that makes Lucas a sellout…well more of a damn sellout than he already was. As a writer myself it offends me to change your vision because people don’t like it. That is bullshit. No writer should listen to the fans like that. A writer had to be true to his vision and if people don’t like that…or take to the internet to say bad things about you…well muther fucker that is the price of not having to have a fucking real job. Live with that shit…and I got death threats for saying Al Davis was an out of touch dinosaur…and I didn’t take down my story or infect anyone with Space AIDS or nothing.

30 Day Star Wars Challenge


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