30 Day Star Wars Blogging Challenge: Day Twelve All Time Favorite Scene


Day Twelve All Time Favorite Scene

I am not sure how to go about answering this one. To narrow down my love of Star Wars to one scene. That is a Herculean task. I am more than sure it will come from The Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi. Even though Empire is by far the best Star Wars movie, I really think I am going to go with a scene from Jedi. And when I think like that two scenes come to mind…When Darth Vader confronts Luke on Endor and right before when Luke tells Leia that they are in fact related.

I am a writer I like conflict amongst the characters.I like surprises and I was young enough when I first saw these movies that I didn’t get that Leia was the “There is another” Yoda mentions to Kenobi…and since both of them were there when the twins were born they both should have already known that. Damn you George Lucas. I like that scene cause as a kid it made me think…and Luke does what a good guy has to do…he has to face evil and try to destroy it. There is just something great about that scene.

Almost they very next scene we see Luke once more come face to face with Darth Vader. This time Luke  accepts the truth that this is his father and they have an awkward father son moment. I think I like this scene so much because I grew up not knowing my own father and had I gotten the chance to lob his arm off with a lightsaber I would have taken it. Outside of that this is the only payoff we get from the prequel trilogy…and this moment stands out a lot more watching the films in the machete order because we see it right after seeing that Anakin is Darth Vader as a flashback.

I think those are the two scenes that always stick with me. They are the reasons I loved Jedi so much and what really turned into me into such a huge Star Wars fan.

30 Days Star Wars Challenge


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