30 Day Star Wars Blogging Challenge: Day Nine Favorite Prequel Trilogy Movie


Day Nine Favorite Prequel Trilogy Movie

Talk about a challenge. Pick your favorite of three pretty let’s be nice and say flawed movies. I think it goes without saying that The Phantom Menace is the worst of these movies and not just because of Jar Jar…more on that in the coming days. The other two movies are riddled with plot holes and terrible dialogue, and as a writer trust me I know how hard it is to write credible dialogue, and stuff that I really don’t like. Stuff that made me question who those films were for. Once I realized that those movies were made to hook a new generation of fans, and that they were not made for the Star Wars fans that were already fans than I looked at them a lot differently. I am still not saying they are good, because they simply are not.

Attack of the Clones is the movie I have the least amount of problems with. Everything beyond show horning in Count Dooku with no explanation. That was a really poor choice made in the backlash against the Jar Jar. Again more on that in the coming days. They waster away such a great character in Darth Maul…and the proof of that was how awesome he was in The Clone Wars TV show.

Revenge of the Sith gives us the moment we all wanted to see..Anakin turn to the dark side and become the one and only Darth Vader. It is really too bad the film does such a poor job laying that out for us. It is really done poorly, and leaves us with the feeling that turning to the dark side was just a whim. IN one scene he is tortured over what to do and two scenes later he is slaughtering younglings…that is a tough sell any way you cut it. While I do get the deeper meaning why…I do not think it is developed on screen very well.

I am not sure I can pick a favorite prequel trilogy movie…I hate Episode 2 a little less that Episode 3 and let’s be honest Episode 1 is just awful.

30 Day Star Wars Challenge


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