30 Day Star Wars Blogging Challenge: Day Six Favorite Ship


Day Six Favorite Ship-

I think most fans will have one answer…and that is boring…so there is no way I am going down that road. While that certain ship is among one of  the most iconic starships to ever grace the silver screen…it is not my favorite spaceship ever and certainly not in the Star Wars Universe.


I want to say the Death Star but let’s be honest that thing is kind of ridiculous, and I am talking Bond villain ridiculous. Its immense size makes it unbelievable as anything that could be…not that scale is not going to play into my choice. However I am going to go with a big ship that at least in my mind makes more practical sense as a weapon of terror. Not in a blow up a planet kind of way…because honestly size matters and there is nothing more threatening looking than the way this ship was sold in its debut during The Empire Strikes Back.

I speak of course of Darth Vader’s ship…The Executor. While there may be a lot of command ships this is the only one we see on screen and damn was it an impressive sight. I love that shadow it casts over the Imperial Star Destroyers as it makes it way on screen, and I love it when it crashes into the Death Star at the end of the battle of Endor.

It is an huge space craft, and everything about it is just impressive.

30 Day Star Wars Challenge


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