30 Day Star Wars Blogging Challenge: Day Seven Favorite Sith


Day Seven Favorite Sith

Well since Darth Vader is my all time favorite character it stands to reason that he would also be my favorite Sith. Since that would not be a lot of fun I am gonna go outside the movies to answer this one. Let’s be honest a lot of the Sith in the movies suck. Darth Maul dies like a bitch…and Count Dooku just sucks..there I said it. The Emperor is ok but we just can’t root for the bad guys all the time. He is the personification of evil in the Star Wars Universe and no one can go all out fanboy for that…I don’t think anyway.

Now as a book nerd I am a huge fan of the Expanded Universe, for me that means everything that happened in he books post Return of the Jedi. I am not a huge fan of the prequel era books, and use that stems from my disappointment in the prequel movies. However, lately I have been getting into the Sith era of the history of this universe and it was there that I found Darth Bane.


Darth Bane is the man who sculpted the Sith into the versions of them we know today.It was Bane who came up with the rule of two, Bane who plotted against the Old Republic, and Bane who wiped out the Sith to rebuild them in his own image. The point here is of course Darth Bane is a freaking badass.

30 Day Star Wars Challenge


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