30 Day Star Wars Blogging Challenge: Day Five Favorite Droid


Day Four Favorite Droid-

Droids…I don’t know I was never really big on the droids. For me they are just furniture…useful furniture at times…but furniture none the less. I think had I not seen the prequels my answer would be R2-D2 but those movies have him too far too much for a little droid, and to be perfectly honest he didn’t need to be in them. I would have liked to see a Star Wars universe in the prequels that featured more people we had yet to come to know. I certainly hope that is the case for the new movies.

I am also not a big fan of C-3PO, and even less so after I learned that he was built by Darth Vader…something that did not need to be in the film at all. For me the droids are just window dressing and I really don’t have anything invested in any of them.

As a kid of course it was R2 and I will just stick with that, in the Original Trilogy he is a valuable member of the team but not capable of the really unbelievable things he does in the prequels.

So we will leave it at that.

30 Day Star Wars Challenge



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