30 Day Star Wars Blogging Challenge: Day Four Favorite Jedi


Day Four- Favorite Jedi

In my mind…all I keep hearing is, “There can be only one” maybe that is from years of drinking far to much…fuck you I’m a writer…and from being a fanboy for way way too long. Is there any answer to this question other than Luke Skywalker? Even if he turns to the Dark Side in two weeks…actually that might make me like him even more.


Of course there are other answers…and we saw a bunch of Jedi in the prequels, but lets be honest most of them were dorks. Save Mace Windu who proved bad asses can carry a glowing purple stick and no one will question what he uses it for…

I suppose we could also go the Yoda route, and Yoda is awesome don’t get me wrong…but when we first meet him he is that creepy guy inviting a naive Luke back to his place…in the dark…I remember someone telling me something about this in school once…I am pretty sure I was suppose to say no to the crazy creepy weirdo…but like Luke I get all confused when he talks all backwards and shit.

We could also go Obi Wan. Actually that is kind of interesting maybe if the prequels didn’t suck as bad as they did we could say him…he did cut Darth Maul in half…never mind…

In the end it can only be Luke…There can be only one, and I think without a doubt he is the strongest Jedi in the Star Wars universe.

30 Day Star Wars Challenge


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