30 Day Star Wars Blogging Challenge- Day Three favorite member of the Empire


Day Three- Favorite member of the Empire

Well if Darth Vader is my favorite character it stand to reason that he would be my favorite member of the Empire, but that would be boring to write again…so let me rack up my inner Star Wars nerd and come up with another answer.

I am going to have to go deep in the Expanded Universe because much like the Rebels a lot of the Empire types in the movies are straight up dorks. And let’s not forget most of them die or get eaten by Ewoks and shit.

I wasn’t sure how much EU stiff I wanted to do for this challenge because I really have no clue how many Star Wars fans are hip to it…I loved those books and read them all. But that’s me huge Star Wars nerd and total book nerd.

With that being said it would be really easy to just say Grand Admiral Thrawn…who is in fact pretty awesome. However, I would pick a different Grand Admiral…Gilad Pellaeon.

I think I choose him over Thrawn because of his character arc. Yes by and large for the first half of the EU chronology he is something of a lackey. First to Thrawn and then to Admiral Natasi Daala. After her defeat at Yavin 4 he becomes the highest ranking person left to the Galactic Empire. What I think he learns threw those misadventures is how to lead, and how to wage war, and in the end how to win. That becomes important later in the EU that Disney decided wasn’t worth anything.

In his last act in the EU he defies the fallen Jacen Solo and pays for that with his life. I think that is why I like him so much. He has seen the Galaxy ruled by an Emperor, an Empire, and many Warlords and was not willing to to play a part in seeing another Dark Lord of the Sith rise to power.

In the story of the expanded universe I do not think there is a military man more respected by Empire and Rebels alike. A true warrior and ultimately a man of principle makes Pellaeon my favorite member of the Empire.

30 Day Star Wars Challenge


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