30 Day Star Wars Blogging Challenge: Day Two Favorite Member of the Rebellion


Day Two- Favorite Member of the Rebellion

This is a tough one. Let’s be honest here…the Rebels are a bunch of dorks. Darth Vader travels around giving anyone free throat hugs, The Emperor has the Death Star, and the rebels what hang out in the snow, and with those wannabe Care Bears that gave up their powers for meth and human sacrifice. The only real bad assery by the Rebels was Han shooting first (and that was before he was actually a rebel)…and George Lucas changed that or tried too…


The only Rebel with any edge is Princess Leia, and I guess that makes her my favorite…and no not just because she looked really good in a metal bikini. She verbally jousts with Han through all of Empire and then even drops an I know on him in Jedi.  She is better with a blaster than a Storm Trooper and even gets shot in the arm on Endor.

I like Leia a lot in the Expanded Universe as well. Her children all have their quirks, but I think Jaina might be my favorite…the Sword of the Jedi is no joke. What I am saying here is Leia brings a lot to the table and is feisty, and apparently I have a weakness for feisty chicks…but that alas is a totally different topic.

I really think Leia is winning this argument by default. Han is cool, and a rogue and all that but Leia really has that edge we have come to expect in the more anti hero heroes that have become the norm in the entertainment of today.

My Favorite Leia moment is when she recognizes Tarkin’s foul odor. Lines like that are classic and really stick with you over the years.

30 Day Star Wars Challenge


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