30 Day Star Wars Blogging Challenge: Day one All Time Favorite Character


All Time Favorite Character:

It would be politically correct of me to pick a good guy, and it is not that I don’t like some of the good guys a whole lot. However, I am anything but PC and I am can answer these questions with all the fanboy giddiness I can come up with and completely honestly…even if that means I will be corrupted by the dark side.


With out a doubt my favorite character in all of Star Wars is one Darth Vader. So much so that my friends give me a lot of shit bout liking Vader so much. Be it that AT-AT on my desk with Lord Vader at the controls or the bust of Vader that my terrible ex wife gave me last year for Christmas that sits above the computer I am typing this at.

I don’t know what it is, but Darth Vader had it. He is way cooler than most of the other villains, and he was way better lines. I also find him complicated and deep. More so in the Original Trilogy than his origin story in the prequels. Maybe if that robotic guy that played him in the prequels could like ya know act, and George Lucas could like ya know write dialogue…his origin story would have played out better.

For me Vader is the most interesting and therefore my favorite. What kind of fan that makes me I don’t really know or really care.

30 Day Star Wars Challenge 


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