Where the WCW Invasion angle went wrong: part two

On Wednesdays we talk about Wrasslin‘. 

In the lat few weeks we have talked about where WWE was at as a company. We have talked about heel turns and how most of the cast was miscast, how the creative for this angle was so poor. Now we hit a few final points. Mostly how WWE treated its newly acquired WCW talent remembering that most of the top talent in WCW didn’t come over at first…even though eventually all of said WCW talent would arrive in the WWE


A lot of fans point out the The Rock buried Booker T. I am not so sure I agree with that. What I saw was The Rock doing what The Rock does. He did that kind of stuff to everyone so I am not as outraged over The Rock doing The Rock type things to the WCW Champion. With that being said I found comments made my Jim Ross way more outrageous. Several times during the Invasion Pay Per View JR called Booker T a sell out. That is a crappy thing to say about a guy who needs to be built up, and it is completely untrue. A complete falsehood. Booker T was a loyal WCW employee like Sting, like Diamond Dallas Paige and a few others. I think those comments made by Jim Ross went further to really erode any sense of legitimacy WCW had left. If that was the company plan congrats it worked very effectively but from a business point of view WWE would be far better off today had they legitimized WCW and expanded with that brand over the even faker brand extension and so called competition between Raw and Smackdown. I never bought into that, and I don’t think anyone else did either. 


Let me just say that Jim Ross would not make my list of favorite WWE announcers. However, the man is an institution. 


The final point here I suppose is that terrible DDP gimmick. Of all the guys brought into the WWE the best chance they had at getting some traction with the fans was Paige. He was a fan favorite in the WCW and even WWE fans wanted to cheer him. Check out the video of his debut...and then remember the WWE turned him into a creepy stalker and then a lunatic. Just terrible. I am not saying a stalker angle isn’t something they should have done…but with DDP?? REALLY?? This guy could have been the top face in WCW and could have been the cornerstone of a new WCW TV show. When DDP said, “Undertaker, make me famous!” I threw up. DDP was a huge name, a former WCW World Champ and a guy a WWE owned WCW could have been built around. 

I suppose I could go on and on but my last little thing that irked me was using Shawn Stasiak as comic relief. This was a brand that needed to be relegitimized not a new roster that should have been subjected to the usual WWE non sense. Not that some of those things don’t have their place on WWE TV. It just seems that the loss of WCW continues to hold the business of wrestling down. The Brand extension era would have been far more believable with WCW as one of those brands. ECW was mildly successful as the third brand, but even that may have had more cache if WCW was one of the main weekly WWE produced TV shows. Not to mention the cool pay per views we could have had…oh well in reality this comes down to the road not traveled and we cannot go back and rewrite history



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