Where is the Game of Thrones outrage today?

shireenSo let me get this right. If Sansa Stark gets violated on her wedding night by her husband…the internet goes crazy. When Stannis Baratheon burns his child to death…that is just fun and games?? Am I the only one that finds that seriously fucking disturbing?? I am not saying violence against women is not an issue, but violence against children is the most dehumanizing thing that none of us should have to witness. Sure I get it its episode nine of the current season of the show, and the means no one is safe. They have to up the ante. They have to outdo what has been done before…in other episode nines Ned Stark lost his head, and a pregnant lady was brutally stabbed to death. Yet there is no outrage today, after the show burned a little girl to death.

I understand that this is depiction of a brutal world. I get it, and it a lot of ways that is why we love the show. However, more than be offended by what happened to Sansa. I am offended by how the show has raped the source material. But that really is an argument for another day.

If you think what happened to Sansa was fucking brutal (and I am not saying it wasn’t) read the damn books and see what happened to Jeyne Poole, whose story line was violated by the show runners and HBO. But instead of going down that route of I read the books and you didn’t let’s argue this point this way…


In the first episode of this show a little boy is thrown out a window after catching someone having sex with his twin sister. Save your moral fucking outrage for something that actually matters. IN that one scene we saw what kind of show this trully was. By the logic it is ok to throw children out of windows, have incestuous sex, brutally murder a pregnant lady in a manner most befitting of the Manson family, but if anyone touches Sansa the internet loses its fucking mind. Are you fucking kidding me??


We never actually saw Sansa being violated. We never actually saw Shireen burning alive…we did see Bran fall from that window, we did see Talisa brutally stabbed in the belly…multiple times… The world is brutal place, and the world depicted in the Game of Thrones series even more so…that is what makes it entertaining. Maybe it desensitizes us to violence, but that is also an argument for another day.

These things are all equally offensive. That is why we watch to see a glimpse of a world more brutal than are own, or a reflection of the parts of our world that are equally brutal and offensive. Many offensive things have happened to the characters of this show, and they will continue to as long as we continue to watch.

The point here is to not get distracted by one of these offensive acts more than the others. None of these acts happen in a vacuum. It should not surprise anyone that a guy who tortured a man nearly to death would violate his bride on their wedding night. That is not to say that particular plot point wasn’t offensive or unsettling but this is Game of Thrones what the fuck show have you been watching the past five years?

Are we really to believe that Ramsay Bolton doing something shocking and inhumane is more offensive than Stannis, who has been portrayed as a loving father, sacrificing his only living daughter for his own glory? If that is the case the morals of the audience are seriously fucked up.

This is a TV show. A book series where bad shit happens to those that rarely deserve it. Sometimes the people who actually do deserve it get their just rewards…but save your fake outrage over what happened to Sansa the next time you remember that you actually like Jamie Lannister…who tossed a little kid out a window all in the name of boning his sister, without a shred of remorse mind you.

Of course this episode will get labeled as an iconic, and most will forget about the burning of a innocent little girl because…Dragons!!



  1. Michael · June 8, 2015

    Completely agree with your point of view.
    About time someone spoke out the truth in such an impeccable way! Bravo


  2. Timo · June 8, 2015

    It’s not about what happens, it’s about to whom it is happening.
    To be honest Shireen is not that important to the show.
    I didn’t got the outrage about Sansa as well, if you think about it she is still alive isn’t she?!

    I think you all need to step down, wait for the next Episode and then you can “break the Internet”


  3. Courtney · June 8, 2015

    Actually there has been a lot of outrage in the several groups I belong to. I have never reacted so strongly with any other a scene. Killing Shereen was obscene and a disgrace. I want Stannis, Mel, Selyse and all those “brave” soldiers to die a slow and agonising death.


  4. Minerva Casterly · June 9, 2015

    You make good points. Good blog by the way. The reality however is even more gruesome than the show. A reality that is very tough to accept. The middle ages and Renaissance which I write on, and which the show is based on was heavily more violent than this show. There are accounts that make your skin crawl of what soldiers and mercenaries did to men, women and children caught in the middle of religious and territorial conflict. John likely killed his nephew Arthur of Brittany (and even if he didn’t, he wasn’t nice to him when he threw him that dirty cell like Cersei was thrown in); Isabella and her lover Mortimer ordered the death of her hubby Edward II. Edward III’s favorite son and heir the Black Prince was a great military leader but a poor governor in the state of Aquitaine. I am not saying he was the worst, there were arguably worse than the black prince, but the way his soldiers assaulted towns and how he treated Aquitaine was disturbing. During this period of the one hundred years war there is one account of women having their stomachs blown up because rogue soldiers would make them drink water until their intestines would burst. Sick but that is war. I love action movies but in real life war is a messy business. Something that breeds more dead and hatred.

    I found the death of Shireen disturbing and I could not stop crying. I don’t care if people call me a wuz. I am not in the mood to be bashed (I already cry enough when they tear chunks from my burned back. Yes, I am burned, so seeing this scene was very traumatic to me in a way that no one here can imagine. My therapies include a lot of painful stuff. Although they say I am getting better, I am losing hope and I bite my tongue to refrain myself from crying in front of my therapists. Last week I filled three towels with blood) but it was really horrendous. I reminded me of Iphigenia, the sacrificial lamb and tool her father used to get Artemis’ favor against the Trojans.


  5. spacapan · June 9, 2015

    And yet.. there was a second, almost equally disturbing thing. And everyone more or less missed it. What was it? Trent picking and underaged child, and saying “You’ll have another one for me tommorow?” That was – for me – on the same level of terrifying as Shirrens screams.. Those two scenes were…. :/ And yet.. yes .. dragons, and all is forgotten 😦 Love the show, read the books. I’ve accepted (more or less logical) shortcuts D&D took, But the two events in S05E09 were… Why?! why?!.—-


  6. Joe · June 9, 2015

    I think people being upset has a lot to do with whether or not something advances the plots. Bran getting tossed out of the window, Shireen’s burning and maybe of the other disgusting things that happen seem to have a purpose in the sense that tbrg advance the plot in one way or another. However, Sansa brutality doesn’t seem to be necessary to advance the plot of the show. We already knew Ramsey was a psychopath and Sansa hated him and didn’t want to marry him, so why was the rape necessary? On the other hand, Shireen’s burning (which the show creators said George RR told them about, hence it will be happening in the books in some form), while disturbing, will presumably advance the plot by allowing Stannis to continue his march. I was equally appauled by both actions, but one seems to serve a purpose while another seems senseless.


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