The start of something new

Writers have to write. Or so my agent keep telling me. I just haven’t been in the mood too much lately, mostly because I have been in a dark place (yes female induced), but that is neither the here or there. The real problem is over the last 10 years I have built a career writing about sports and that really doesn’t interest me any more. Or maybe it doesn’t interest me right now. After spending much of the last two years writing a book about my life writing about myself isn’t holding my interest either.

So it is time for something new…some place where I can just dump the random thoughts that fill up my head. It’s not about making money…and I am more than certain that we will discuss at some point the art versus commerce argument about writing. A little preview…art is getting its ass kicked. This is just about expression for me…and you may not want to read because I am more than fucking sure people will take offense and my thoughts and ideas. That’s all well and good, but one needs to remember two things about the first amendment:

1. Free speech isn’t for the things you agree with

2. When there is free speech sometimes you will be offended

So with that said let me go think about how I want to offend all of you…


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